Awww fuck I forgot about the Sunshine Levels where Shadow Mario takes Fludd

I mean I'm digging the "Doo doo doo doo doo" version of the Mario theme but dammit I got used to flailing around with my water gun weh

Noooo I hate these stages aaaaa

Yes Steve I /have/ to do these I'm a /completionist/ dammit this is /not optional/


@owashii just don't take too long because I'm gonna want cuddles ^w^

@rantingsteve I'm coming up after I finish this stage love

It depends on if Mario is a dingus or not

I'll be up soon though, promise ❤️

@rantingsteve Okay rephrasing, I'll come up either after I beat this stage or I get a game over

One will definitely happen soon

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