hello all I am Raphael and I am the admin of, an interfaith instance that welcomes all faith/religion/spirituality/term of your choosing backgrounds and people to come and discuss their beliefs in a respectful and fun manner.

I myself consider myself a Christian and am currently in seminary getting my Masters of Divinity. I am still exploring the bounds of my faith as a queer latine Christian and what that means for me.

I hope you may join me in your journey

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@raphael so, I'm probably at the limit of accounts ai can manage at the moment, judging by the ones I neglect a little too much. But I think this is great and I hope that it goes well!


Greetings from an agnostic girl, sounds lovely! 💕

omg I love your bio 😭

@raphael had to scroll back a bit to find this but i'm excited to be part of this instance!!

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