@raphael What do you usually do to get ready for Lent (if anything)?

@dragfyre well, I'm actually new to the whole Lent thing so I'm slowly learning traditions from others! My church is holding an ash Wednesday service that I will be going to and I am thinking about what to do or give up for Lent...

@raphael Nice! I know a little about the tradition (including ash Wednesday, Shrove/Pancake Tuesday and so on) but not nearly enough as I'd like. I'll be gearing up for fasting season soon too, so your post reminded me of that :)

@dragfyre yeah ive been talking with others about what lent means and the traditions, a good friend of mines said "fish on fridays is not a strict requirement unless you're catholic." i'm looking forward to learning more about traditions when i go to ash wednesday service and do more research!

@raphael Cool, make sure to post about it! I'd love to learn more from your experience.

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@raphael which means shrove Tuesday is in just under 2 weeks!

Mmmmm, pancakes...

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