Anyways, how have people been keeping their spirit alive during this time? I’ll start, I have not


Just a joke! I actually have had a fulfilling summer with the internship I had with Disciples Peace Fellowship. Getting a bit of meatspace in here, it was really amazing work, albeit sometimes underwhelming. I’m starting my second year of seminary in about a week and a few days, prayers and blessing around about that. Moving soon got me stressed, but my spirit is alive and I hope to keep feeding it with goodness ☺️

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@raphael Been keeping nice and busy. We've been making a habit of daily family and it's really helped to take the edge off & improved the atmosphere at our place.

@dragfyre that sounds so nice including your family in the prayer time! I can imagine with this time of great stress its good to kind of come together and just release all worries through prayer

@raphael It is nice! Although it's usually challenging to get the kids to transition from breakneck playtime to quiet prayer-and-meditation time lol

@dragfyre Oh yeah kids can be hard to calm down sometimes especially if theyre younger! I hope this time you have with them is fruitful not just for you but for them as well

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