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I literally have nothing to do for my assignments until like next week (which is just a weekend away I suppose) but I'm just sitting here not knowing what to do and I want to read this book on the connection between Christ and mental health, but I feel like I *can't* because I have school....

In any case, this Christ-mental health connection book is still so fascinating I need more of these

religion mention, books, school 

@raphael I'd be inclined to read ahead for classes in that situation, because not having current work to do while in seminary is so very rare that it felt like a constant game of catch-up most of the time.

But maybe that's just me. I'm kind-of a slow reader.


religion mention, books, school 

@rantingsteve see i was thinking this but I can't retain small details from what I've read enough to remember what to write in the forums. I could simply write down my answers to the forum posts on like a word doc, just realized that actually omg

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