hot take of the day i just saw: does Paul from the bible is gay? 🤔

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I’m reading Genesis for the first time in a long time and I know these names have been anglicized (sp?) and translated into English in many ways, but why would someone with such a cool name as Mahalalel call your child Jared?????

Hey yall, I was trying to figure out how to change up the look of this place and make the character count a bit larger but bc im using its not as easy as it seems seeing that the bulk of the managing of the actual instance is by Not sure what to do next. 🤷

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i was reading a book that introduced briefly (in a sentence, not even going into it in detail so i dont think it was even introducing bu anyways) the concept of Samson from the bible's hair being dreadlocks and I'm like interesting! I'll admit I've never thought of that because of the inherent whiteness of western Christianity, so I looked up pictures and this was the first image on google images and im disappointed

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So far- Trump signs down, all Biden signs and other liberal yard signs still up.

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When I put on a different hoodie for the zoom call so it looks like I do things :)



in writing a paper i wrote "graxe" and i thought "wow a new inclusive term for grace" and smh

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Sometimes in the midst of this really chaotic time I get this like overwhelming wave of calm for like a solid minute out of nowhere where my emotions just stop and I feel so peaceful and at ease for just one good minute and when I realize its there, it's gone! And I just think that's God placing a hand on me and saying You, you are good, you will be ok, I guarantee it.
Thank you God.

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like I totally get it and like knowing that brings me some sense of like, an ocean of sadness. I didn't get it before but now I do.
Right now, God is all I'm clinging onto for strength. It feels like They are the only thing constant and stable in the most chaotic and unstable of situations and I Get It now. Knowing They love me forever regardless if I leave or stay and that They'll never hurt me like my family I Get It.

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Every time i think of my story, I think of the time Jesus was dying on the cross and he said to God "forgive them Father, for they know not what they're doing" because that's exactly how I look at how they treated me. And I think they're starting to realize that with my silent departure. I don't know how Jesus felt, but idk it seems like he didn't want condemnation on the people who hurt him and I get it

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I don't know, the idea of knowing that God knows, understands, and FEELS the very pain I'm experiencing because They have created it all is both comforting and not just because I have so much empathy that I wouldn't want my own God to feel this. I don't even know how theologically sound that is, the whole God feels the exact pain you feel.


@dragfyre true and unfortunate, however let it be known terfs are never welcome here
-signed the trans christian admin

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