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in writing a paper i wrote "graxe" and i thought "wow a new inclusive term for grace" and smh

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Sometimes in the midst of this really chaotic time I get this like overwhelming wave of calm for like a solid minute out of nowhere where my emotions just stop and I feel so peaceful and at ease for just one good minute and when I realize its there, it's gone! And I just think that's God placing a hand on me and saying You, you are good, you will be ok, I guarantee it.
Thank you God.

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like I totally get it and like knowing that brings me some sense of like, an ocean of sadness. I didn't get it before but now I do.
Right now, God is all I'm clinging onto for strength. It feels like They are the only thing constant and stable in the most chaotic and unstable of situations and I Get It now. Knowing They love me forever regardless if I leave or stay and that They'll never hurt me like my family I Get It.

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Every time i think of my story, I think of the time Jesus was dying on the cross and he said to God "forgive them Father, for they know not what they're doing" because that's exactly how I look at how they treated me. And I think they're starting to realize that with my silent departure. I don't know how Jesus felt, but idk it seems like he didn't want condemnation on the people who hurt him and I get it

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I don't know, the idea of knowing that God knows, understands, and FEELS the very pain I'm experiencing because They have created it all is both comforting and not just because I have so much empathy that I wouldn't want my own God to feel this. I don't even know how theologically sound that is, the whole God feels the exact pain you feel.


@dragfyre true and unfortunate, however let it be known terfs are never welcome here
-signed the trans christian admin

theres a job over in michigan for an admin assistant for the regional office there...........bad idea for so many reasons but i want a foot in the door!! maybe im underestimating the foot i already have one in....

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God may be eternal and unchanging, but that doesn't mean our theology should not grow and evolve.

i wonder if my pastor got some insight on me speaking at regional assembly about my internship

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i need to sign up for regional assembly and its virtual so praise the Lord!! but its also the same day as my public speaking final and im D:

@dragfyre Oh yeah kids can be hard to calm down sometimes especially if theyre younger! I hope this time you have with them is fruitful not just for you but for them as well

i honestly believed that the ordination process would just happen on its own but nooooooooo i have to initiate it ........

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but i scheduled an email to go out to the regional minister of my region for the ordination process to get started..............prayers, blessings, lay it on me

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@dragfyre i tend to spam on my main account all sorts of nonsense and i mind having all that mess on the local tl honestly I wouldnt want to take up all this nice space with all that lol!

@dragfyre that sounds so nice including your family in the prayer time! I can imagine with this time of great stress its good to kind of come together and just release all worries through prayer

drafting emails to the head honcho of the region of the denomination is scary af!!!!!

Just realized this says roots and not toots

Thanks autocorrect

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Just a joke! I actually have had a fulfilling summer with the internship I had with Disciples Peace Fellowship. Getting a bit of meatspace in here, it was really amazing work, albeit sometimes underwhelming. I’m starting my second year of seminary in about a week and a few days, prayers and blessing around about that. Moving soon got me stressed, but my spirit is alive and I hope to keep feeding it with goodness ☺️

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Anyways, how have people been keeping their spirit alive during this time? I’ll start, I have not

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