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me: writes most of the conclusion of the research paper critiquing my denomination for not having enough resources on worship history styles
prof: you didnt critique your denomination's worship history :) lower grade :)


Welcome the first people on this instance! I hope we can all enjoy of each others presence and knowledge :)

hello all I am Raphael and I am the admin of, an interfaith instance that welcomes all faith/religion/spirituality/term of your choosing backgrounds and people to come and discuss their beliefs in a respectful and fun manner.

I myself consider myself a Christian and am currently in seminary getting my Masters of Divinity. I am still exploring the bounds of my faith as a queer latine Christian and what that means for me.

I hope you may join me in your journey

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interfaith instance is up! {boosts plz} 

Hi all,
For those who voted in my poll earlier this week, thanks! I did it I made the interfaith instance
Whatever faith/religion/spirituality/term of your choosing-background you may present, or if you do not have one yet you are welcome at
registrations are open now and if you need anything ping me there at same username or here
thanks to those who followed me for this content, and thanks to those who encouraged me to make this!

The Interfaith Instance

A space where people of all faith backgrounds can come together and grow together.