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i wonder if my pastor got some insight on me speaking at regional assembly about my internship

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i need to sign up for regional assembly and its virtual so praise the Lord!! but its also the same day as my public speaking final and im D:

i honestly believed that the ordination process would just happen on its own but nooooooooo i have to initiate it ........

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but i scheduled an email to go out to the regional minister of my region for the ordination process to get started..............prayers, blessings, lay it on me

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drafting emails to the head honcho of the region of the denomination is scary af!!!!!

Just realized this says roots and not toots

Thanks autocorrect

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Just a joke! I actually have had a fulfilling summer with the internship I had with Disciples Peace Fellowship. Getting a bit of meatspace in here, it was really amazing work, albeit sometimes underwhelming. I’m starting my second year of seminary in about a week and a few days, prayers and blessing around about that. Moving soon got me stressed, but my spirit is alive and I hope to keep feeding it with goodness ☺️

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Anyways, how have people been keeping their spirit alive during this time? I’ll start, I have not

What if I made this my main and just unlisted all my non religious/spiritual roots?

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hell, religion, YouTube video on these topics 

While we're on the topic of hell...

This is about Paul the Apostle, Apostles as memes? Sacrilege? 

correct me if im wrong but i read this and thought of this:

If Jesus was alive today what music would he listen to?

Hope everyone is holding onto hope in some way during this uncertain time


my beloved is
the most beautiful
among thousands
and thousands

*crawls out of the books and papers* hi its finals and im still here haha

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religion, Christianity, Lenten discipline 

My denomination (the Church of England) has produced a Lent campaign called "#LiveLent: Care for God's Creation" which has readings, reflections and actions for each weekday and weekend in Lent.

Is anyone else here on the Fediverse doing this?

Lent is in 2 weeks and this is what I have learned! 

As for the sermon, I guess that will have to be another post. Thanks for reading.

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Lent is in 2 weeks and this is what I have learned! 

There's so many ideas to what I could do for lent and i'm getting overwhelmed but like, maybe it's not that big a deal but I want it to be that big a deal?? I'm still trying to grapple with the significance of it.
"The preparation of easter"
Easter is when Jesus came back to life, right?
I am just going to stick to a devotional on my bible app and maybe a morning/nightly prayer in my prayer journal (maybe both?) and tuna fridays

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Lent is in 2 weeks and this is what I have learned! 

i have like 30 tabs open on different things about Lent and maybe that's why i feel overwhelmed right now and I'm trying to wrap my head around it.
I just had an idea but I don't think it would work because lent ends in easter.
I was told i could do a sermon sometime in mid march and I've been procrastinating on it like no end. I was thinking 40min working on the sermon and I will have it done by easter I'm sure, but then it would be too late

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