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Welcome to the Interfaith instance!

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Who is welcome here?

Everyone of every religious/faith/spiritual/term of your choosing-background is welcome in the Interfaith instance. It does not matter where you are in your own journey of self discovery, whether you are curious of different belief sets or you are strong in your faith, if you are interested in talking with and interacting with those of many faith backgrounds this is the place for you!

Rules and Guidelines

Until deviation becomes necessary, this instance will follow snouts.online's code of conduct/terms of service, as their rules are well mapped out and are a good starting point. It is asked that you take a look at their instance's policy before joining to get a general grasp at what is expected behavior on this instance.

In addition to that, it is asked that because this is a faith/spiritual/religious/whatever term of your choosing-based instance, that respect is kept at an upmost highest regard. Meaning, there is zero tolerance for any harassment/hate/disrespectful disagreement with each other when discussing sensitive subjects, such as your religious/spiritual/faith/term of your choosing-practices and beliefs. Any instance of this conduct is due to moderation.

Hero Image credit goes to Svadilfari's Interfaith Banner image on Flickr

This server is, like all of us in this world, a work in progress.